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Water Damage Restoration, Remediation and Solutions. 

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Emergency Water Damage Restoration & Repair!

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Water damage can be a living nightmare come true, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help with over 20 years of experience you can depend on. We are licensed and bonded, meaning we are insured and stand behind our work and your peace of mind. 
     Our role is to quickly dry our your home and property before it can start to mold and mildew which will make problems exponentially
 more expensive on you the hom
e or business owner.
     Secondly, once the water has been contained, dried out and the damaged flooring, sheet-rock and generally damaged property has been removed. At this time the home is tried out all mold or mildew has been treated. Now you are ready to have your home or business put back together. 
      This is when new sheet-rock, new flooring & carpeting goes in and all cosmetic work is done to get your property or place of business back to how it once was prior to water damage occurring. 
    It is key that you understand that water damage must be mitigated as soon as possible. This could literally mean the difference of a few hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage. Depending on how the water damage occurred. let’s say a broken pipe or air conditioning unit in the attic clogs the line and starts leaking water in your attic. That is when the timer starts, which is not fair to you the homeowner because you’re not aware you have a ticking disaster above your head. 

     Once you become aware of the issue usually you will notice a discoloration spot in the ceiling or if your lucky it will come down through the vents in your home. 
    As soon as this happens you want to call a water damage mitigation service. It is generally accepted that mold can grow in 24-48hrs depending on how soon you can get the water damage mitigated will directly affect how much it will cost you in the end. 

Your #1 Water Damage Remediation Specialist

The cost to restore water damage involves many factors. 
  1. The size of the affected area
  2. Extent of the water damage, 
  3. Materials and water type. 

There are three categories of water damage cleanup.

  • The least expensive to clean up is 
  • Category 1, clean water from a faucet or supply pipe. 
  • Category 2  gray waste water with minor contamination, overflow from a dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Category 3  black water, containing sewage or other toxic debris.



Water Damage Restoration Services

Toilets & Faucets water damage

Toilets and Faucets can have issues that are not always seen.

Hot Water HEaters

Most of the time hot water heaters do what they are supposed to do! However, when they blow it generally happens when you are around. In some cases, it is a matter of wear out due to rust and other failures caused to age.

Drain Blocked

Imagine if your drain backs up in the middle of the night. You put in a load of laundry and go to bed only to wake up to water dripping down your stairs. 

leaking Pipes

So your pipes have betrayed you with a slow leak that is happening behind the wall or below the subflooring. Mostly we see issues with attic AC units overflowing and then water is carried through the house through the vents. 

Sewer REpair

We work with local plumbers should you have a burst sewer pipe in your home, that is causing water damage in your property. 


Remodeling your home is sometimes the better choice after all the damaged materials have been cleared away. We have contractors who can help you complete this process quickly. 


We’ve got Your Covered

Emergency SErvices

    Being able to respond in short notice means having or equipment ready to deploy to your home or business when you call. Being staged here locally in Virginia Beach and Hampton roads.
​     Gives us a competitive advantage because we have all of our inventory stored locally. This means we will always have the tools and equipment to handle your job without running short. 

The Remediation & Restoration Process

We have crews standing by here in Virginia Beach and in most cases can be at your home or business in 60-90mins of your call. With over 20 years of experience, we know that every min counts when it comes to your property. 

     Our crews live here locally and are invested in providing the very best service possible. We work an average of 10-15 jobs a month and have in-depth knowledge of how to best stop water damage and start treating it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Commercial & Residential

We have handled both large commercial jobs and private home water restoration. We understand that weather, leaks and floods can not be planned for.
     Regardless of what has happened our certified and industry trained technicians are able to handle the restoration for you. From commercial build-outs, remodeling (Painting, hardwood, commercial tile flooring, wall tile) as well as wall tiling just to name a few services we are trained to provide.


Happy Customsers

I was on vacation when my renter called me to let me know that the ceiling fell through and that water was dripping down through the ceiling. I called my contractor Garry Tiller and he suggested I use James Cox. James went to work right away to stop the water damage and worked with me to have AC technician to come out to the house and do emergency repairs to my leaking AC unit. James sectioned off parts of my home and set up dehumidifiers and fans throughout the house. He was able to treat the mold that had started growing in the bathroom in such a way that I did not have to replace the sheetrock or open up my walls. James was easy to get a hold of whenever I called him. Always took the time to explain when I had questions. He and his team were professionals every step of the way I can not recommend him enough. Thank you James.

Rocky. T

Nova FMS has done a great job for us on two occasions. One with water damage, and one with a mold problem we had in our basement. We will call them in the future but hope we do not have to.

John. C

Great service their employees were really friendly, and they handled the whole water damage with my insurance for me.

Landen. C

Since ’94

Licensed & INsured

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